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Benny Watson (b. 1998, UK) is a self-taught artist based in the West Midlands. He began his career as an oil painter, painting commissioned large scale head portraits, landscape scenes and eventually abstract expressionist pieces with thick impasto textures. His education as a filmmaker and recurrent imagery of anonymous primitive figures in a performance or surrounded by objects of desire - painted with broad, frenetic mark making - gives his recent work a focus on the complexity of the human condition and specifically the relationship with the animalistic and impulsive.


Watson takes inspiration from artists including Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning, integrating components of abstract expressionism and figuration into his practice, as well as drawing from music, film and literature, and his own dreams, memories and personal experiences to create works that express the chaos of living the modern age.


"My ultimate mission is to create paintings that hold some sort of duality or opposition within them, as one or as a series. If they hold dark, there must also be light. Funny, tragic. Whimsy and profundity. Or whatever it may be. My work is an attempt to discover more about the human condition in all its glory and shame, and to artistically explore the range of it." 




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