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Shards & Alter Egos - _mosdrew -- Drew Eckheart-0988_edited.jpg

With this exhibition, Benny Watson looks at his personal process of grief after losing his father in 2022 and his grandmother the following year; a process he claims he is still going through and will continue to for some time. This series of paintings feels like a creative catharsis, diving into the depths and ranges of his emotions in the stages of grief to acceptance and everything that comes in between, experiencing it out of order and all over again.

His paintings are thick with layered textures, often with the rudimentary figures drawn or hand- painted on the surface of them with bold, frenetic marks akin to the great abstract expressionists of last century like Twombly or Pollock. They are edited and reworked, building up heavy blueprints of drafts gone beforehand, seeming to visually express the transforming emotions of the grieving process; or stating “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.


A curated selection of the works were continued to be exhibited at Shoreditch Modern Gallery in March 2024 under the title 'SHARDS'.

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